Saturday, April 23, 2011

muta,dream love, and young montana?

Dreamscapade by M u t a

This guy Muta from denver and I used to converse back when myspace was better and he ran under the name retipuj. I have always loved his texture approach and sonic references. all the stuff on his soundcloud is pretty powerful. probably going to be working with this dude soon I imagine, as it resonates.

Wrong Distance and Time by Dream Love
This guy taylor who lives in tallahassee as of late just started playing shows around here and i met him outside of an art show with free candy and he had a bottle of white zin, and he has a tape label called noisehorror which you can look at @ . he gave me a split tape that I thought lacked fidelity, but it was merely a botched dubbing...after listening to the soundcloud versions and downloading the mp3s it all hit full force with an eerie dark club disco with pounding drums and funky fucking keyboard work. check it. highly suggested.

Groundislava - Animal (Young Montana? Remix) ///// free DL now after the jump! by Young Montana?
young montana? is an amazing producer in my understanding of him as of late. His vocal processing and approach to drum programming is very unique and admirable. It is wild and this remix...I got "animal" of astro nautico when it was the landlord ep and all that jazz and fell in love with the spook ridden down tempo ride that was happening, so when I heard YM? remixing this I became enamored with the song immediately. check it, and both groundislava and YM? have new albums happening around now so check dat.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

amidst the tourists. I w o n d e r.

Very lost evening
upside down
into tourniquet town
neon chili pepper lights
vacuous beings morphing into incipient exposure
What do they think of when they expect you as a proverbial DJ to cater to their abnormally pop sensibilities? Is there a juncture? A connected dot. A similar frame rate. I wonder If it is possible to ignite some new language to their ears. They see things through FM radio vision light and pray on the sense of obtuse club bangers and "fist pumping music".. as the gentleman who so enthusiastically gestured he wanted to hear so he could BLOW UP or what have you. After Djing for about an hour it felt intense in the heat of the fogged out stroboscopic light fiasco that was I literally gave him my input to the PA that we had brought and he just went at it with the HITS and everyone came back around for a perpetual hip swagger jive that I just couldn't even handle.

A ridiculous amount of cigarettes were smoked on my part.
standing in shadows.
observing the movements
like fish swimming in oceans of conformity
to a age old passing of college party/rave/dubstep request line/obscure obliteration of taste festival.
at the corner of the stairs waiting for elevation through wisdom or concept
but for my observations I would be deadened
lackluster through corridors of interaction
like faded window pains
illumination slyly grinning inside the gut of night
the lights are shining and you can barely see through the fog as we yearn to motivate the mind
blindfolded to the tar
spit residue and high fives
they speak of other lands that I have perhaps seen but can't pinpoint in times waver
I sit stranded in rows of red and green
documenting the way that lasers interact with light and photography
I envy the rich in their existence
to be able to go anywhere would be divine
on a whim
a fancy from nowhere
the courage to endeavor such occasions
leads to late night ramblings
staring into the computer screen
wondering what the future brings
always contemplating the surreal nature of being flesh and blood
with conscious consciousness
bravely appetizing the bravado of hair gel and polo collars
like twisted membranes of society
leeching off of the media nectar

deep breath
alternate take
reserved notions of dispelling the atrophy
when I just want to focus on the positive, forward thinking obscurity
the place without borders
or intrusion
It is an experience that you are a part of
but an audience member
not a megaphone of bland suggestions
speculate these fleeting terrors
as light considers waking late
and visions of industry stare in my mind
as curious as ever even in the company of wolves
the possibility lets my movement uncloak and multiply
the sea colors the wind with echoes of imagination and paradox
equally willing to be manifested

Monday, February 14, 2011

ankh thought

and sometimes there is silence that leads to everything

as we shift patterns like suitcases of ancient thought
I reappear like a shadow bomb
and ghosts climb out through the sockets

painstaking reflection pool you quiver with earth guts
the vibration gets louder like a fever inducer
contextualizes matter
of brain fragments underneath the table
swept up by the dozing janitor
who is daydreaming about shangri-la and fine tea essence

So I imagine that this happened
portraits of sanskrit
language of ankh holders
blooming iridescent vessels

it helps to look slowly
put it all into focus
and then out of focus
and then upside down

to determine the way out

there is no recollection here
a faceless landscape of infinite scope
I remain coherent somehow
in the bloodless form
suspending animation
through fractal observation
and carefully unintentional planning
they will risk extinction
to announce this

all colors blend into one pure light
separation is quixotic to the universal language
never any final moment
lifting the last veil

I clutch the ankh.
a deep breath reclaims a world view
the feet are planted back in the ground
and yet everything is still shaking

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

traditional vibrations with updated sensibilities


crystals shining reflections. ALL THE WHILE ON THESPECTRUM LIGHTNING

winter arrives.
dark AMBER MOON. declares it was finally on time.∆∆∆
I wonder about the mapmakers. what do they do now. satellites and whatnot. I think space is next perhaps. arsenic life. non carbon life. strange variances in the flow of life. aliens are amazing. I learn from stardust nightly through color changing lenses and tattoo light fractals all over my body to prove nothing and exist as a pure vibration. existentialism in the center of a crash site. dead trash. mud chemical drainage pond. origami staircase of branches. visions of yearning and kismet. premonitions and insomnia. there are sporadic moments of pure light in ones life. this is a positive element. it feeds the glow. pulsating and purring. we all ponder the next move...the big steps to the next phase shift and travel through unknown territories. soaking it in like raindrops after the desert. becoming one thing. it.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reptiles in the dark (all animals know)

they sleep behind the light on heated rocks.
it's amazing how ape crazy everything gets around this time of year in america...well maybe not amazing..maybe horrifying. capitalism's most blood yielding holidays are happening every year...blindly emitting consumptive waves. is it this bad everywhere? probably worse.

some source material.

∆∆∆∆∆ ∆∆∆∆ ∆∆∆∆∆∆ ∆∆∆∆∆


Friday, December 17, 2010



∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ ∆∆∆∆ ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

myriad ethos

IF NOT...immerse your self in my album of awakenings from earlier this year.some of the most therapeutic recordings i've ever made. ∆ <3<3<3